About the Office

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Mordechai H. Markovich Law Firm is a law firm that provides holistic legal services
(One Stop Shop), which includes, inter alia, a consultant in the fields of civil and commercial law,
Israeli and International

The firm was founded by Adv. Mordechai Haim Markovich in 2010 and has extensive experience in various legal fields, with emphasis
All areas relating to civil-commercial law as well as laws relating directly to capital, including; Law
Real Estate and Real Estate, Planning and Construction Law, Initiation and Accompanying Real Estate and Construction Transactions, Banking and Finance Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law,
Contract law, recovery and debt arrangements for companies in difficulties, as well as regulation and administrative law,
This includes tender law, antitrust law and tax law.

The firm represents private clients, companies, associations, as well as public bodies.
An advantage and uniqueness of the firm’s activity stems from its integration work between various types of civil-commercial legal issues and economic issues
Finance and Economics
Our firm has the ability and skill to conduct integrative analysis and subsequently provide full, ongoing and quality consulting services.
In addition, our firm employs and/or cooperates with designated professionals,
With special attention paid to transactions of a financing nature.

Mordechai H. Markovich – Law Firm deals with litigation and dispute resolution in all instances
Judgment for Israeli and international clients.
Thus, for example, in the various courts (magistrate, district and supreme, as well as the High Court of Justice), including administrative courts,

Representation before planning and building institutions at the national level, district planning and building committees,
Local planning and building committees, before the various appeals committees and in the labor courts.
In addition, representation before local authorities nationwide, the Tax Authority, the Israel Land Authority and more.

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