Corporate Law and Capital Markets

Corporate Law and Capital Markets

Our firm represents a wide range of companies, including Israeli and foreign companies. Our firm deals with all stages of the life of the corporation –
company formation; Drafting its founding documents, including founders agreements, company articles of association,
shareholders’ agreement, etc.; support in investment rounds with funds and private investors; current transactions during the life of the firm;
M&A transactions, including comprehensive due diligence
and company liquidation proceedings.

Our firm’s experience shows that in these areas there is a need for lawyers whose expertise creates synergy in all areas relating to corporate law, securities law, antitrust and regulatory law, finance, taxation, labor law and even litigation work when the need arises.
All in order to close a deal and/or a series of complex transactions with maximum efficiency and speed,
While meeting challenging deadlines.

Our firm also represents stakeholders in the company, including power struggles,
including representation of minority shareholders in claims of discrimination
of all kinds; merger and acquisition transactions as well as company liquidation proceedings and trust mechanisms,
This includes leading debt restructurings.
To complete the comprehensive legal process,
As required, our firm is in contact with the Israel Securities Authority and TASE.

In addition, our firm provides ongoing advice on all matters pertaining to proper corporate governance.

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