Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking Our firm provides legal advisory services to both individuals and Israeli and foreign financial companies, as part of their business activities in Israel.

Our firm has at its disposal practical knowledge regarding economic and financial accompaniment of a construction project and/or infrastructure project and conduct vis-à-vis and on behalf of banks,
This includes transactions in various formats such as:
. BOT -Build Operate Transfer, PFI- Private Finance Initiative, BOO- Build Own Operate

In addition, our firm handles various capital raising options, analysis of the use of derivative financial instruments, including futures contracts, financial engineering and risk management, recovery arrangements and debt restructuring of firms in difficulties, including bankruptcy, liquidation of companies, receivership, creditors’ arrangements, trusts and the appointment of special managers appointed by the court.

Subsequently, our firm has a special ability to work in thorough and important cooperation, with ongoing guidance from economic and finance experts on the most unique issues.
Adv. Mordechai Haim Markovich has experience in court cases relating to the financing system and huge budgets of local authorities and public authorities stemming from the power of laws, regulations and bylaws, including class actions,
This includes defense against class actions.

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