Labor Law

Labor Law

The activity of this field in our firm reflects the purpose of our firm as a center that provides holistic legal services (one-stop shop) to our clients, since our firm deals with all legal issues relating to the field of law
Civil-commercial, relating to capital, and in the matter of human capital, since practice indicates that every client needs quality and necessary legal advice from the field of labor law.

Our firm’s legal advice in this field is provided both during the ongoing business process and regarding special events, while seeking to take into account economic and practical aspects of each case on its merits. Therefore, our firm also deals with labor law in the framework of transactions, disputes, tenders and even complex negotiation procedures. On this occasion, it is worth clarifying that our firm notices
In his professional treatment, between required legal counsel stemming from personal aspects and required legal advice stemming from collective and/or collective aspects.

Special emphasis is placed on issues that characterize human capital management, in small and large transactions, in which there is a direct impact on employees and/or some of them, including specific reference to senior executives, such as mergers and acquisitions or investment and financing transactions.

Needless to say, in addition, our firm provides litigation and dispute resolution services, both in the regional labor court and in the national labor court,
This includes participation in mediation and arbitration proceedings.


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