The purpose of Mordechai H. Markovich Law Office is to provide first-class legal services, while
Attention is important for efficiency and speed at all times.
Today, prevailing economic theories assume that individuals and/or firms act rationally to increase
The units of their own usefulness and happiness. History teaches us that in the past oral agreements (“gentlemen’s agreements”) were
The province of the majority of the population, while today and taking into account the sophisticated market that exists in the modern era, most of the relations
Regulated by written agreements and laws, whether voluntary or involuntary
(Like paying taxes to the country you’re a member of).
All as part of a contractual relationship, within a changing economic-political framework.

In the same breath, it is worth emphasizing that it is clear that in reality the markets are not perfect, contracts are not perfect, that is, contracts
They do not determine what will happen in every possible world situation (in fact they cannot be), there are cartels and monopolies that influence market conduct, there are information problems of various market players and inherent power gaps. Confirm on
Yes, there is sometimes a certain basic difficulty in proving which events occurred and/or what data can be presented to a house
The sentence, so that the belief in the “invisible hand” in fact disappeared.

Our firm offers legal services that seek to provide remedies with economic significance that can affect all
A decision by an individual or a firm, against another individual or firm and whether for or against an administrative authority, whether before taking action
Formal legal proceedings in practice and if afterwards.
Therefore, our firm provides the client with optimal legal consulting services

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