Real Estate, Planning, Building and Infrastructure Law

Real Estate, Planning, Building and Infrastructure Law

The field of real estate is an interesting field that involves an important combination of administrative law, economic analysis of law, and financing components. Our firm initiates and accompanies real estate and construction transactions, including complex sales transactions
(buildings, land, increased building rights, portability of building rights, etc.)

Our firm’s legal support relates both to second-hand sales transactions of fairly standard dimensions to transactions of wide and varied dimensions that require legal and economic integration from the outset, such as close accompaniment from the planning stage, sometimes attacking plans and / or notification of damage and expropriation if necessary, contracts with contractors, balance payments, handling arranging the required financing method, guarantees under the Sales Law, etc.

Our firm has knowledge in drafting and accompanying development agreements, letters of commitment, letters of indemnity and various agreements, including agreements relating to payment of betterment levy, financing projects and promotion of city building plans (TPS), as well as contracts within the framework of TAMA 38 and more.
At the same time, our firm provides solutions for handling various assessments imposed by the various authorities (enforcement and/or collection and/or refunds),
Such as betterment and sewage levies and representation in appeals committees and appeals courts.

In addition, our firm deals with all areas deriving from tender law relating to real estate and infrastructure, sometimes also by attacking tenders and/or winning when the need arises. At the same time, our firm also provides legal consulting services to tender committees before and after winning the tender, also in the framework of resolving disputes arising from the actual execution of the stipulations stipulated in the tender and other agreements arising from the tender.


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