Tax Law

Tax Law

Our firm specializes in advising individuals and firms of all kinds, as tax laws have a fundamental impact on commercial transactions as well as the manner in which economic activity is financed.

Therefore, our firm provides consulting services relating to tax planning and investments, locating problems in advance and finding solutions, sometimes creative, to taxation issues that arise,
Whether before or after a transaction,
This includes litigation before the tax authorities and the competent courts.

Our firm provides comprehensive services to its clients in all areas of taxation, such as advising on taxation aspects of real estate purchases, municipal bylaws, project financing and/or refinancing of transactions, balance payments, mergers, acquisitions, investments, derivative financial instruments,
Mutual consent payments and transfer pricing, partnerships and capital allocations
and debt as well as many other areas of expertise.

Our firm advises both Israeli and foreign clients wishing to operate in Israel or enter into transactions with Israeli firms. In addition, it should be clarified that our firm conducts international professional contacts with business firms and accounting consulting firms from abroad on behalf of its clients.

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