Adv. Motti Marcovits is a financial consultant who has been involved in selected transactions for more than a decade, focusing on corporate and individual debt arrangements as well as raising capital.

Taking Care of your Interests

Our office provides a comprehensive solution for companies or individuals, for controlling shareholder or minority, from conducting macro and micro operations, through direct contact with the banks or the various lenders (including bondholders) and finance treatment in the required transaction. In addition, our office handles the execution of conventional transactions, including transactions that are defined as "change hands" or a desire to promote the business development of companies or individuals.

Transactions that Go Far

Adv. Motti Marcovits has a very significant experience with the conduct of the various entities within the banking system in Israel, including with leading institutional entities, which proves that the key element to a successful deal is not only in its construction and closing stages, but mainly in its ability to exist afterwards.

A Variety of Transactions, A Variety of Clients

The firm has the ability to handle both private and public capital and debt, enabling it to adapt the financial frameworks that best suit the client. Over the years, our firm has accompanied significant transactions for both individuals and companies, from the purchase of real-estate or debt arrangements of a few million shekels, to the economic accompaniment of municipalities and municipal corporations, working with the Israel Land Authority, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Construction and Housing on transactions of billions of shekels. In addition, our office has practical experience in financial support, which relates to the construction of joint buildings with the market value of hundreds of millions of shekels, with the participation of "accompanying banks".

It's All about the People

handling complex real-estate transactions and complicated financing requires dealing with conflicting interests. Adv. Motti Marcovits has extensive knowledge and experience in handling complex legal and economic proceedings and proceedings with state authorities as well as financing entities. This fact, combined with the ability to understand and listen to the client, provide the client with peace of mind and the sense of security that his money is in good hands.