Motti Marcovits – About

Motti Marcovits – from negotiations and real-estate transactions, to initiating, constructing and executing real-estate projects and financing.

Motti Marcovits is first and foremost an expert in promoting the interests of individuals, organizations and businesses. Motti is a partner in the execution of real-estate transactions and financing, partner in the execution and construction of actual economic projects that are, at times, likely to inherently create complex problems.

Motti is known for his experience in real-estate transactions and financing and his ability to simplify things, even when there are complex issues, and even when conflicting interests are involved. Through collaboration with Motti and his abilities to understand and truly listen, clients can get new perspectives on specific issues and then, as a result, make better decisions.

The knowledge and experience Motti has acquired regarding the conduct of complex legal and economic proceedings before the state authorities, including the local authorities involved in planning and construction, as well as financing entities, result in clients gaining a sense of security, certainty and peace of mind even when they seek to fulfill their will or their vision.

In addition, there are those who say that following Motti’s professional assistance, they look at things differently, they believe in themselves more and even restored their faith in other people.