Mordechay H. Marcovits Law Office's goal is to provide full service legal counsel of the highest order, with an emphasis on efficiency and agility at all times.

These days, the prevailing economic theories assume that individuals and/or firms act rationally to increase their benefits and sense of happiness. History has taught us that in the past verbal agreements ("Gentlemen's Agreements") were common among the vast majority of the population, unlike today. In modern times, one has to take under consideration the existence of a sophisticated, developed market, a one in which most relationships are regulated through written agreements and laws, whether willingly or unwillingly (such as tax payment). It is all a part of a contractual relationship within an ever changing political and economic framework.

However, it should be emphasized that in real life, not all markets are highly developed and contracts are not perfect, that is, contracts do not determine events that might occur as a result of any possible situation (in fact, they can never do that) as there are many factors to consider, such as cartels and monopolies that affect the market's behavior, problems caused by entities' lack of information and inherent power differences. Consequently, it is often difficult to prove whether some events occurred and/or can be presented to court, accordingly in that sense the "Invisible Hand" has in fact became invisible.

Our office offers legal services which aim to provide legal assistance with economic implications that could influence any decision made by an individual or firm, whether against an individual, firm or administrative authority, whether prior or subsequent to legal action. Hence we undertake to provide our clients with optimum legal consulting services, including an economical analysis of the case if needed, alongside an economical analysis of legal norms relating thereto while putting ourselves in our client's shoesand with fundamental consideration of the client's covert feelings and constraints.

Our attorneys undertake to preserve human dignity and maintain appropriate behavior while interacting with any factor. Subsequently, our office seeks to emphasize the exercise of each of our clients' rights, according to the given requirements and individually adjusted legal services offered.

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