• Administrative and Public Law

Administrative and Public Law

As a comparative and strategic advantage, our office established a division that handles the economic analysis of the administrative and public law, since administrative law, as well as regulatory guidelines, is a part of each firm and individual’s daily routine. For instance, each payment levy or property taxes, at any given rate, or alternately, considering the city’s building and planning programs, a national building plan which establishes a building project as well as fundamental reports to the tax authorities and/or technical reports addressed to the commissioner of new building and planning programs and sales under the laws of sales etc, all contain a mixture of administrative components and other normative elements which have to be taken to consideration.
Moreover, our office is well versed in managing legal cases which contain fundamental and crucial inquiries regarding administrative law and the conduct of authorities, both local authorities and government agencies related to a large number of different litigants and high media profiles.
It should be emphasized that nowadays there are some entities which normatively function as two substantial entities. Meaning, firms and/or institutions that are technically defined as private firms, however, legally binding and often limiting norms in the field of public law are still being applied to them, whether knowingly or unknowingly, especially matters concerning property and capital. In the spirit of this trend, our office consults the firm’s leaders and directs the firm’s overall conduct, since this trend holds crucial economic importance which requires significant amount of attention.

In addition, Mordechay Haim Marcovits, Adv. holds extensive experience in managing cases which are brought to court, concerning local authorities’ mega budgets and receipts arising by virtue of the law, regulations and bylaws, including class actions and class actions defense.