• Corporate, Capital Market and Securities
  • Corporate, Capital Market and Securities

Corporate, Capital Market and Securities

Our office represents a full spectrum of companies, including Israeli and foreign companies. We handle all aspects and phases of corporate life – company’s foundation; formulation of its founding documents, including Founders’ Agreements, Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreements, etc.; accompaniment of investment rounds in funds and private investors, ongoing transactions, mergers and acquisitions including extensive Due Diligence evaluations and Liquidation procedures.

Our experience indicates that these areas require an attorney whose expertise creates a synergy between all areas related to corporate law, securities law, antitrust and business regulation, financing, taxation, labor law and litigation if needed. All these components are necessary in order to close a transaction and/or a series of complex transactions quickly and most efficiently while meeting challenging deadlines.
Our office also represents stakeholders, including handling power struggles, representation of minority shareholders regarding discrimination complaints of all types, mergers and acquisitions, liquidations, trust mechanisms and debt settlement arrangements.

In order to complete the extensive legal treatment our office also contacts the Israeli Securities Authority and the TASE and provides ongoing consultation regarding proper corporate governance.