• Taxation


Our office specializes in advising individuals and firms of any type since tax rules and regulations have fundamental impact on commercial transactions and the financing of economic activity. Therefore, we provide full service legal counsel related to tax planning and investments, identifying problems in advance and providing creative solutions for taxation issues which arise, whether prior or subsequent to a transaction, including litigation services against tax authorities and authorized courts.

Our office provides comprehensive tax planning and counsel in all areas, such as, taxation consulting regarding real estate purchases, municipal bylaws, projects funding and/or re-financing transactions, balance payments, mergers, acquisitions, investments, derivative financial instruments, payments during reciprocal consent procedures and transfer pricing, partnerships, equity and debt assignments and additional areas of expertise.

We advise both Israeli and foreign clients, who seek to work in Israel or make contact via transactions with Israeli firms. In addition, our office also manages professional international contact with business and accounting consulting firms abroad on behalf of its clients.