Real-Estate Entrepreneurship

After more than ten years of activity in the field of complex real-estate transactions, our firm opens its services to investment in real-estate, for private entities and businesses. Our extensive experience in the field enables investments to be made while creating cooperation for the benefit of our clients.

Local and International Networking

Our clients can benefit from a local network of contacts, especially with the planning authorities, as well as an international network of connections, mainly in Europe and the United States, with profound and professional analysis capabilities.

Ongoing Counseling and Guidance

Our firm provides comprehensive services in all stages of the investment, from the preliminary stage of characterization of needs, through locating the most suitable asset, to closing a transaction and the asset's occupancy or marketing. In addition, we accompany other entrepreneurs and land owners in the process of initiating, planning and constructing private and business projects throughout Israel.

Operating in Transparently and Responsibly

The firm works in full transparency with all parties, and provides updated reports from time to time regarding the required process, the characteristics of the investment, completion of the transaction, contacts with the planning authorities, and ongoing contacts with other financiers. In addition, we provide recommendations regarding risk management based on the current market situation, future trends and projections that may affect the asset or the expected return.

Custom Service

Every client has unique needs of his own, and we are working accordingly to maximize the rights and benefits that can be generated for each client, from each transaction that is examined by us. Our firm has extensive experience in establishing projects for businesses, commerce and the industry, adapting to the needs of the different clients, from low-budget transactions and up to transactions worth hundreds of millions of shekels.